Treatment Suggestions

If you have a toothache, we will identify the root cause (pardon the pun!) and suggest appropriate treatments e.g. a Filling for a cavity. We will also identify potential problems and suggest preventative treatments.  For example, if Dr. David identifies signs of night grinding, he will identify for you the most suitable type of Dental Night Guard for you to consider.

Dental Check Up - Prevent & Restore

Dental check ups are all about:

  • identifying solution to problems
  • recognising potential problems
  • discussing dental treatment solutions

We want to hear what you think about your teeth. What niggles you about them? You might want to restore a chipped tooth or restore a bright white smile. We discuss an overall treatment plan and costs to address any immediate issues, treat potential problems and any restorative treatments to get rid of those niggles.

If suitable, we will carry out treatments on the day or we will organise a treatment schedule to suit your diary.

Kids & Youths

Dental check ups for Kids and Youths are a great idea.  Although some suggest as early as 1 year, we suggest you should book your child in for a dental check up between 3 and 4 years.  Getting your child use to visiting the dentist is of huge benefit to your child for life.

Don't Worry

We phone you with gentle reminders of your treatment schedule. If your diary changes, so too can your dental appointment, just phone, text or contact online.