Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is often caused by a build-up of plaque bacteria.  The best way to remove this is, by twice daily, tooth flossing and brushing, and having a scale and polish done twice a year.

No matter how well you floss and brush your teeth, there will always be areas which are hard to reach.  Unfortunately, plaque bacteria can accumulate in these areas and turn into a tough, crusty deposit called calculus or tartar.  Flossing and brushing alone will not remove this calculus or tartar.  But, if not removed, it will continue to build up around the tooth, under the gum line, and will cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Hence, you will reduce the risk of gum disease by combining your daily health care routine with a scale and polish every 6 months.

The Procedure

Dr. David or our Hygienist will remove the harmful deposits of plaque and tartar. They will use an ultrasound scraper to get rid of the bulk of the tartar.  Then using specialised handheld instruments, they will scrape away any stubborn remains.

Using floss or other types of interdental brushes, they will clean the areas between your teeth.  Finally using a gently abrasive paste, they will polish your teeth.

Not only will your teeth look smooth and shiny after a cleaning, but the newly slick surface will make it harder for plaque to build up again.

Teeth Cleaning Treatments

Dr. David might recommend one of either of the following;

Scale and polish.  Dr. David will recommend a scale and polish if you have a good daily oral care routine and are a regular!  However, sometimes, even with a good daily oral care routine you will need to come more often than every 6 months.  There are a few reasons why this might happen e.g. you may be genetically predisposed to oral health problems.

Deep Cleaning.  Dr. David will recommend a deep clean if, you need to get on top of a gum issue.  Or, if plaque or tartar has built up over a prolonged period of time, which won’t be removed with just one scale and polish.   The benefits of deep cleaning include:

  • stopping the advancement of gum disease.
  • treating a current infection.
  • cleaning your teeth above and below the gumline.
  • eliminating bad breath caused by gum disease
  • protecting the roots of your teeth

Also, worth noting is that You have an option to avail of a local anaesthetic.  If you need a deep clean, a local anaesthetic may be advisable as your Hygienist needs to go below the gum line to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria.   While local anaesthetics are not needed for standard cleans, just ask, if you feel you might benefit from one.


Maintain Your Teeth

To maintain your teeth, we recommend you get a scale and polish twice a year.  Twice a year is best to remove plaque which, is a soft sticky bacteria infested film.  And twice a year is best, to remove tartar which, is a brown or black calcium deposit.  If left untreated, it will cause teeth and gum problems.

Teeth and gum problems can be expensive to repair.  You can avoid expensive repair treatments by following our oral hygiene advice.  By coupling good daily oral health care with your scale and polish, you will help to keep your teeth for life.

Don’t skip dental care

Don’t wait until you are in pain to visit us.  By attending regularly, you are reducing the chances of having gum or tooth pain.  And, it will reduce discomfort during dental procedures.

We all know that it’s a bad idea to postpone regular dental appointments.  Yet, we still manage to convince ourselves that we won’t develop gum or teeth issues if, we skip a year or two.  However, Dr. David doesn’t know anyone who has skipped their regular dental appointments without having a problem.

Our Professional Hygienist aims to get you to the stage of only requiring routine, twice a year, treatments.  Moreover, we will provide you with advice, tips and show you good oral techniques.

Prevention is better than cure and is more cost effective than skipping your dental appointments.