Achieving your Goal

After a thorough check-up and assessment of your requirements, Dr. Vard will discuss your options.  Composite bonding is a painless way to make minor repairs or changes to your teeth.  Made of composite resin, it is a moldable tooth coloured material with a paste like consistency.

After molding and sculpting the resin onto the tooth or teeth, Dr. Vard will cure/harden it with a high-intensity light.  After curing, Dr. Vard will smoothen and polish the material to fit in with the rest of your teeth.

It’s a super, minimally invasive treatment for a smile makeovers.


A Popular Choice

Composite material is a popular choice for fillings, repairing and restoring teeth.  Mainly because the material can match the shade of your own natural teeth.  Some people replace amalgam / silver fillings with white composite fillings.

Porcelain or Ceramic material is stronger and more expensive than composite material.

However, if you have teeth that are extensively damaged or Dr. Vard feels that other dental issues may affect the success and longevity of composite bonding, other options may be discussed with you, such as Crowns or Veneers.

Dr. Vard will apply a discount when more than one tooth is treated so heck out our Price List.



Your composite bonding treatment can provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile for many years. But, it is important to follow Dr. Vards after care advice. Proper oral hygiene, as well as avoiding habits that could damage your restorations will help you keep your composite bonding for life. Vard Dental believe that it’s best to visit your dental hygienist twice a year to help you keep you teeth and gums in good condition.