Why replace teeth?

Replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Loosing teeth has a negative effects on your ability to chew food and bite.  Self confidence can also become an issue as unfortunately, your face profile will change when you loose teeth because your teeth provide structure and support to your cheeks.


Your Options

Apart from Dentures, your options also include Implants and Dental Bridges.

Dentures are removable replacements for your teeth.  They are designed to look and function like your own natural teeth.  Moreover, modern-day dentures look very realistic, natural and feel comfortable.

Complete Dentures

Often called a Full Set, they are used when all your teeth are missing.  Whereas, if only a few teeth need replacing we can use a partial one.

Partial Dentures

Partial ones help to stabilise your existing healthy teeth. And, ideally they should be held in place by their natural suction to your gums. However, sometimes a fixative needs to be used.

Daily Care

Keep your dentures clean by soaking them and even consider adding a cleaning table to the water.  However, always brush your dentures before putting them back into your mouth. If your dentures begin to collect debris or stains that you cannot remove by normal brushing, we will be able to professionally clean your dentures for you.

Remove them at night to give your gums “a rest” and the chance to be exposed to your natural saliva.  Exposing them to natural saliva will keep them healthy. Brush your dentures and soak them in cold water regularly.

Denture Aftercare

Visit us regularly to ensure that your dentures are in good condition and continue to fit your gums. This is important because the shape of your gums and underlying bone changes over time.

If they become loose fitting, the chances are they will irritate and inflame your gums. If this happens, we might be able to solve the problem with a simple modification to your existing ones.  However, sometimes the better option is a new set.

The length of time they last will depend on not only your daily care but also general wear and tear.

Fill the Gap

We will give you options and work with you to arrive at the right solution for you.  There will be a right solution for You.

We will work with you to Use, Keep, Restore and Love Your Teeth.