Children are especially at risk of tooth decay.  Because they are only forming good oral habits, it’s easy to understand why they are at risk of damaging their teeth.

To minimise the risk of tooth decay, fissure sealants are a good idea.

However, the first thing to do is schedule a visit with Dr. Vard.  A visit that is enjoyable, educational and fun for parents, children and the Vard Dental Team.  The Vard Dental Team and Dr. Vard work at relaxing and building a rapport with both parents and children.   We do this to ensure that your children grow up without a fear of dentist.

During the visit, Dr. Vard will get to know your children’s habits.  He will assess the risk of your child developing cavities and recommend an appropriate oral care routine.  This oral care routine could involve your child getting one fissure sealant or, as is more usual, 2 or 4 fissure sealants.

Fissure sealants will be placed by our dental hygienist who will also provide oral hygiene advice.  Not only advice though, as our dental hygienist will also show your child how to brush, when to brush and how to have fun while brushing!

What is a Fissure Sealant?

Fissure sealant or sealants are defined as a preventive dental treatment.

Our dental hygienist will place a resin material in the pits and fissures of chewing surfaces.  Usually, primary or permanent molar & premolar teeth, at the back of the mouth are treated.

These molar teeth are considered the most susceptible teeth to dental decay or cavities.  Unfortunately, the shape of the chewing surfaces of these teeth, inhibits protection from saliva and fluoride and instead favours plaque build up.

Placing a resin material into these teeth provides a protection against dental decay.

Better Safe than Sorry

When a cavity forms in a tooth, it will require some form of dental treatment to either restore or repair it.  Restoring or repairing teeth can be expensive.

Prevention is better than Cure!

Couple fissure sealants, with helping your children develop good oral hygiene habits, is giving them a gift for life.

Dr. Vard and the Vard Dental team will help you with that and guide you with your children to develop good oral health.