Made for You

At Vard Dental, we make dental gum shields by taking an impression of your mouth that extends beyond the teeth, under the lips and around the gums. It will be tightly fitting thus supporting the surrounding tissues of the mouth and teeth. A properly-constructed sports gum shield or mouth guard are made from an impression of your mouth and teeth, they have the advantage of being tight fitting which helps ensure that they won’ t move around in your mouth, or become unseated, and make it easier to communicate, be it talking or shouting!

Stay Protected

Protecting your teeth during physical activities by wearing a dental gum shield or mouth guard will help you to avoid the costs associated with repairing the damage which can happen e.g. fractured tooth, knocked out tooth or teeth…

Team Offers

Sports Mouth Guards can be made in team colour and to encourage the use of Sports Mouth Guards we offer team discounts.