A friendly visit

Visit us, at Vard Dental, so that your Little Ones becomes familiar with our friendly environment and dentist. Just opening your Little Ones mouth for the dentist to have a look, is a simple action which is explained and ideally done with your Little One in the dentist chair, in the presence of the parent.

Routines & Habits

We discuss good oral health routines and habits for Little Ones and Youths. If specialist treatments are required, we will do the referrals and keep in touch with you to check that you remain comfortable with the progress of your Youths’ treatment plan.

Reducing Risks

Some parents decide to have a fissure sealant treatment for their Little Ones which can protect and reduces the risk of tooth decay and the formation of a cavity or cavities for several years. A sports mouth guard is a good idea for an active Youth (ask about team colours!).

The rumours are true!

Little Ones get a free Treat Bag which includes a “Tooth Brushing Star Chart” and Youths are entered into a quarterly free raffle for cinema tickets.