Types of Fillings

There are several different kinds of fillings available such as composite (white fillings), porcelain (inlays and onlays), and amalgam (silver).

Composite & Porcelain

Composite (white) fillings are made from natural tooth coloured resins which are aesthetically pleasing and can be matched to the same colour as your natural teeth.

Porcelain fillings are made by a dental technician in a laboratory and then bonded or glued to the tooth. They can be matched to the colour of the tooth and resist staining. A porcelain restoration generally covers most of the tooth.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam (silver) fillings are made from an amalgamation of different metals and are silver in appearance. Amalgam fillings are resistant to wear, although due to their colour, they are more noticeable than composite fillings. As such, they tend not to be used in very visible areas, such as the front teeth.  It is worth noting that amalgam fillings are being phased out due to their impact on the environment.

Don't Worry

We will take you through the pros and cons of each filling type and help you to decide which type meets your requirements.