A Personalised Solution

In Ireland, it is only your dentist that can provide you with hydrogen peroxide of a maximum concentration of 6% or 16% carbamide peroxide.

Tooth whitening must be tailored to your needs as no “one size fits all” and your predisposition to sensitivity should be considered as part of your solution.  Sensitivity might be a side effect which can be treated effectively.  We will provide you with an after-care pamphlet.

Reusable & Safe

We provide a Reusable Whitening Solution which gives you the freedom to top up your bright white smile whenever you wish.   The effect of teeth whitening, using our tailor-made tray solution, can last for up to two years.  Your tailor-made trays will last for many years.

A top up treatment may be recommended every 18-24 months to restore any slight impact to the white shade you want to achieve.

Simple Steps

Step One:  Dr. David will take an impression of your teeth to make snugly fitting trays of flexible, comfortable material.

Step Two:  You will visit us for a fitting.  We will provide you with:

  • Dental Trays made with flexible comfortable material specifically for your teeth;
  • 2 Tubes of whitening gel;
  • An aftercare pamphlet;
  • Plus, we schedule a Follow Up Review.

Step Three:  You use your teeth whitening kit at home. Usually, you will achieve your desired result within a two-week period.

We encourage you to come back to us for a review so that we can provide any aftercare support that you would like face to face.


The end results are your Renewed Bright White Smile and a Tailor-Made Whitening Kit which you can use whenever you feel you want to “Top back Up” to your bright white smile.